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A project that puts together Astrophysics and Computer Science via Machine Learning and Big Data

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High Mass Database

Based in Machine Learning and Big Data


stored stars and still counting

Astrophysics Collaborative Community

What is stored in Astro+?

OB Massive Stars and Red Supergiants

Upload the spectra either in ASCII or FITS and study all their properties in detail

The goal is to equip us with tools that transform this database in an accessible website, initially to our collaborators and finally to the whole scientific community



  1. Introduce the identifier and search
  2. Get all the results related to the introduced star
  3. See the details of the spectrum

Simbad identifiers are valid


  1. Select FITS or ASCII
  2. Choose a standard configuration or customize yours
  3. Fill the data from your files
  4. Select the files to upload
  5. Submit and track the progress

Proyect developed in the Universidad de Alicante and funded by Generalitat Valenciana